7 Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas is around the corner now, and the countdown is officially on! (Had my first Chocolate today, Yay for chocolate calenders) And with that being said I wanted to share some amazing and easy home decor DIYs you can make in no time and with so little effort.

I also uploaded a Youtube video where I show you how to make all of these DIYs so if you are more of a visual person you can find the video here:

White salt dough

First of all, I share a super recipe for salt dough. I remember reading many months ago on Pinterest putting paint in your salt dough to get it crisp and white. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I read it so I can’t give the person credit.
But this is the recipe I put together myself and it turned out great!

You’ll need:
White Acrylic paint (optional)
1/2 Cup or 1,25 dl Water
1 Cup or 2,5 dl Flour
1/2 Cup or 1,25 dl Salt
(The cup to deciliter ratio isn’t 100% correct but I just made it easier to follow. It isn’t really that important how much you have of the ingredients just as long as the ratio between them are correct)

You just want to mix the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients separately. You want the paint and water mixture to be really smooth before you pour it into the dry mixture. I recommend pouring it in little by little. This way you can stop when you get a good working dough. But if you add too much water you can always add more flour. This isn’t rocket science 😉

And then you can just roll it out on some parchment paper. This step is important because you have the paint in the dough. You don’t want to ruin any furniture. But after that, you can just go to town. I did Christmas ornaments, Christmas tree garland, gift tags and napkin holders with my dough. All very simple but beautiful.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

For the ornaments, you can just use any cookie cutters you would for your cookies or gingerbread cookies. Just remember to make holes so you can put some strings through them and hand them in the tree. I used a straw to make the holes and it worked perfectly.

DIY Christmas decoration salt dough tree ornament


Gift tags

The gift tags are exactly like the ornaments. But of course, you can cut them out to any shape you want them. Maybe you want them to look exactly like gift tags, then just make a mold out of paper and cut out your gift tags. 🙂 Also remember to make holes for the gift tags as well.

DIY Christmas Decorations salt dough gift tags


Christmas Tree Garland

For the tree garland, I used a bunch of small stars I cut out with a small cookie cutter. I then used my hot glue gun and some glue that I got from eBay. Just remember to check so you get a glue gun you can plug into your walls in your country.
Remember to always check the people you are buying from so they have good ratings and that they seem trustworthy.
I also used a red and white rope that I glued my stars on to. And that is it. 🙂

Napkin Holders

For the napkin holders, I made straight pieces of salt dough and just pressed the ends of them together making it into a little circle of dough. But to get these to dry without flatting out I put some aluminum foil in between them while they were in the oven.

These are perfect to make with children because they are very easy. And if you are in no hurry to use them then you can just leave them out to dry on the parchment paper for a few days. You can turn them over so both sides dry. But if you want to use them quicker just by putting them in the oven for 2 hours in 200 degrees Fahrenheit or about 100 degrees Celsius should dry them 🙂 The thinner you make them the quicker they dry.

7 Quick & Easy Christmas Decor DIY's you can easily do at Home.

Brown Cinnamon Salt Dough

This recipe is almost the same as the first one, just a few alterations. But the same time in the oven and all. About 2 hours dried mine up completely 🙂 And they make the whole house smell like cookies while they are drying.

You’ll need:
1/2 Cup or 1,25 dl Salt
1 Cup or 2,5 dl Flour
1 tablespoon Cinnamon
2 tablespoon (if you want them really dark) Cocoa powder
1/2 Cup or 1,25 dl Water

With this recipe, I also did 2 holes in the gingerbread men so I could put a ribbon through them and hang them up. You can if you want to coat them in modge podge and get a glossier finish and get them to last longer but I don’t feel like it’s a must at all.

DIY Christmas decoration Gingerbread Men Garland


Silver Glitter Fa-la-la-la Garland

I also did a paper garland, in beautiful silver glitter. I remember seeing a picture on Pinterest a long time ago of a similar garland and it was linked to where you could buy it, and guess if I was surprised to find out it was 30 dollars plus shipping and also sold out. So I decided to make one similar myself.

You’ll need:
A printer so you can print out FA and LA in whatever font you like. I used this one:
Sturdy paper
Silver glitter (or whatever color you prefer)
School glue/paper glue
Glue gun and glue

So all you want to do is print out the letters you want your text to be in. You could, of course, do this garland in for example red glitter and just say Merry Christmas or HO HO HO. All of which I want to do 😀
Cut out your printed letters, draw them on to the sturdy paper with a pencil and cut them out. This is the time-consuming part. I did Fa and then 8 La’s and that took it’s sweet time for sure.
Then you want to coat the whole letter in paper glue and just lay it down in the silver glitter. If you don’t make sure the whole letter is coated in glue there are going to be parts of the letter that is white from the paper instead of silver glitter.

After they have dried for a while, let’s say an hour or so you can glue them on to the string of your choice with the glue gun. Make sure you plan out how you want them to hang beforehand because once you glue them they’re there 😉 (talking from experience)

Easy glitter garland Christmas decor DIY

Hanging oranges with cloves

And last but not least, delicious smelling oranges! Oranges are great for Christmas, and you can hang these up or make them as centerpieces for your dinner table. They make your house smell amazing.

You’ll need:
Clean oranges

You just want to wrap your oranges in the ribbon and make sure you secure it so they won’t fall out, think of it as wrapping a Christmas gift in ribbon. So that the lover part of the orange has a criss-cross of ribbon to stay securely in.

After that, you’ll just want to cut your ribbon into the length you want it and fill your oranges with gorgeous smelling cloves. They are sometimes a little hard to poke through the oranges so if you are making these with children you might want to poke holes in the oranges beforehand.
You can might all kinds of designs and patterns and they would look really nice on a dinner table with some greenery, cinnamon sticks, candles and some dried oranges. 🙂

Christmas Decor DIY Oranges and cloves


Hope you guys liked this little different blog post and that you got inspired and make some of these Christmas decorations yourself 🙂 And for any that missed the link to my Youtube video where I show you how to make these DIYs, you can find the video here:
Let the countdown to Christmas begin!!