Beautiful fall-inspired wedding makeup

Makeup has been one of my biggest passions for many years, but another passion of mine is anything wedding related. When we had to write our final thesis in my school, it was no surprise to anyone that I was going to write about wedding makeup.
The problem I had was narrowing it down. Wedding makeup in itself is way too big of a topic. I decided to write about wedding makeups inspired by the four seasons. I have always loved the colors of nature during each season. That’s why I thought that it would be great to implement them in makeup looks. I have done looks for all seasons and will share them with you on this blog. Naturally, today I will be talking about the fall bride makeup look.

First of all – if you are getting married in the springtime, let’s say, there is nothing wrong with having a bold red lip that might usually be more fitting for a winter makeup. You should do the makeup look you feel most beautiful in – it’s your big day after all. However, if you are looking for a makeup look that is suitable for the season you are getting married in, then this blog post is for you.


Moodboard fall-inspired wedding makeup

(all credit to the owners of these pictures. These pictures are not taken by me)

Find inspiration

I first recommend doing a mood board. Mood boards are a great way to get inspired, and you can change them around as time goes on. So I decided to go on Pinterest and pin all the images that inspired me for my fall bride. It doesn’t just have to be makeup looks. Take inspiration from nature: How are the trees and flowers looking? You might be inspired by a fabric or a pattern – include that in your mood board. Mood boards are great when you want to discuss your wedding makeup look with your makeup artist. If you have pictures to show, you can both get on the same page. If you are doing the makeup yourself, a mood board can give you inspiration and get you an idea of what look you want to be going for.

In my mood board, you can see all the things that have inspired me. I decided that I was going to take inspiration from the changing of the colors in the leaves, the yellow in the fields and in soft lighting. I decided to do a light soft base to let the bride’s natural skin shine through. She had beautiful freckles that I didn’t want to cover up. I also wanted her contour and blush to be light and fresh, no harsh lines anywhere.

Warm, orange eyeshadows

For the eyes, I decided to go a little heavier and included all the colors that inspired me – a lot of different orange colors that went perfectly with her bright blue eyes. I used a light gold eyeshadow in the inner corner to open up her eyes. In the crease, I used a darker brown eyeshadow to give the eye some definition. I also applied a dark brownish purple along the lash line for added drama and in order to hide the lash band.

Beautiful fall inspired wedding makeup


Matte, rosy lips

For the lips, I did a beautiful dark rosy nude color to keep things light and fresh but also to have some darkness for that fall feeling. I also decided to keep the lips quite matte since I feel that fall and winter is a little bit more matt than spring and summer, where it’s more about things being very light.

Beautiful fall-inspired wedding makeup


Wedding hairstyle

I also included a picture of her hair, even though this post is about makeup only, as it shows a simple and great way of doing an updo for really short hair. I just split the hair down the middle and divided each section in two. So basically I had four sections of hair (but do one side at a time). I then twisted the two sections and pinned both sides up. Easy peasy but still beautiful.

Hair style fall-inspired wedding makeup


Hopefully, this will urge some of you to find inspiration for your makeup looks in nature, with all of its beautiful colors. Get mood boarding (or pinning, it’s pretty much the same right?) and you will see that there are beautiful things to get inspired by everywhere. My next bridal look in this series will be about winter brides, so keep a lookout for that when we get closer to winter 😉

Fall inspired wedding makeup


12 thoughts on “Beautiful fall-inspired wedding makeup

  1. So lovely! My wedding anniversary is in the Fall, and we are planning on renewing our vows for our 20th. The hair and makeup are simply stunning and perfect for Fall Brides 🙂

  2. I don’t even like make-up like that, but the fact that this look is so natural i am obsessed! When I do have to put it on I like it to be as natural looking as possible!

    1. Yes, fall is amazing! Orange eyeshadow is way easier to work with than many people think. Play around with it and try pairing it with other colors you usually use 🙂 It looks great, and good luck!

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