Cat Lovers Dream Gift Guide

This is the second part of my little gift guide series here on my blog, and this one is perfect for any of you out there who has a crazy cat lady in your life. Or crazy cat man for that matter, cats don’t discriminate, they ignore us all πŸ˜‰
I feel like we all know that one person who takes their love of cats just a tad bit too far. In my friend group that person is me. I literally did a little squeal of happiness each time I found a cute item to add to this list. So if you know anyone who is even remotely into cats as much as I am, surprise them with one of these super adorable items and they will love you forever.

Cat mug

If there is something I like almost as much as cats, it’s mugs! I would just like to collect all the cute mugs out there. Mugs are a perfect little gift or stocking stuffer. I mean who is not going to appreciate a mug? Especially if it’s shaped like a cat.
(I also had another cat mug in my gift guide but I always check my links before a blog post goes live, and now the mug is sold out. But I will still leave the link here if you were looking for the mug in the picture.

Cat pencil cases/makeup cases

This pencil case is also adorable! Or for me who doesn’t carry around a lot of pencils these days, this would be perfect for the crazy amount of lip products floating around in my bag. It also comes in four different colors. Just always check the people you are buying from on eBay to make sure they are trustworthy! πŸ™‚

Cat bottle opener & Cat keyring

As I mentioned in my most recent Luxury gift guide for her (you can find it here:ΒΒ ) I have been obsessed with the Kikki-K website. The things on there are so sweet. I feel like these are a little bit more classy but still have that cuteness to them that is going to make any crazy cat person go “Aww” πŸ˜‰
Here is their beautiful gold bottle opener:
And a sweet keyring:

Cat lovers gift guide

Cat pillowcases

I mean, don’t we all just need pillowcases with cats on? This cute set is from Etsy and would just make any cat lover’s bed look complete. This also comes in 4 different colors.

Cat Measuring cups

For any cat lover out there who also enjoys their time in the kitchen, you could surprise them with these super adorable measuring cups. These are a little pricey but I feel like they are not just your average measuring cups. These are so cute that they could be out on your kitchen countertop on display.

(While looking around after I did my picture and blog post I found these measuring spoons as well. I MEAN. I just die, they are that adorable. So I’m throwing in a little bonus here)

Cat Phone Case

And last but certainly not least, phone cases! I feel like this is really an item where you can showcase your love for cats like nowhere else. We all have phones, and we all have them out and about in our daily life. And what could be better than having a really obnoxious cat phone case so everybody knows what kind of person you are πŸ˜‰

No, but all jokes aside, phone cases are great as gifts or stocking stuffers since they are cheap and a great way to show people all your favorite things. And it’s not like you can have too many. Ebay is filled with phone cases and most of them are really inexpensive, so go ahead look for them if you dare, I almost always end up buying one or two.

Hopefully, this blog post helps you out if you are on the lookout for great gifts for that special cat person in your life or if you are like me and these are just the kind of blog posts you like to read. In that case, I feel you, my friend. We want all of these things,Β don’t we? πŸ˜‰