Essence Longlasting Lipstick & Liquid Lip Swatches

Today I wanted to share some of the Essence lip products I have in my collection. I feel like Essence is such an underrated beauty brand. They have a ton of hidden gems in their collection and I feel like their lip products are one of those! I want to share swatches of both their Longlasting Lipsticks and Liquid Lipsticks.

The only problem I usually have with Essence is their constant update of collections. Don’t get me wrong, usually, this is a super duper fun thing! But I feel like as soon as I find a few products I like they are getting discontinued and something new comes along. But in Finland, where I buy all my Essence products, (Sweden should get a move on and bring in Essence!) these lipsticks are still in stock. We don’t get as many frequent updates and we don’t get all the new collections, so some of their products stay in stock for longer.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick

Essence longlasting lipstick swatches


Essence Longlasting Lipsticks where the first products I ever tried from Essence. I bought 07 Natural Beauty and a love story was born. These lipsticks are not as longlasting as their newer formula called Ultra Last Instant Colour, but I still really enjoy them. I feel like they are a great first lipstick for someone starting out with makeup. Easy to apply, nice light beautiful shades and with a price that is really hard to beat!


Essence longlasting lipstick swatches Natural Beauty 07, Cool Nude 05 and Velvet Matt 07


Natural Beauty 07

A beautiful light rosy pink color. Tends to smudge a little bit more than I would like.

Cool Nude 05

A darker nude color, and as the name suggest it’s more on the cool side. Some say it’s a dupe for Mac Faux. I personally don’t have the Mac shade so I can’t compare them.

Velvet Matt 07

A more matte peachy pink shade. Doesn’t dry down completely matte, but that’s also why it’s called Velvet Matt. If you want a really matte look they have lipsticks called Matt Matt Matt Lipsticks.


Essence Longlasting Lipstick swatches, 07 Natural Beauty, 05 Cool Nude and 07 Velvet Matt


Essence Liquid Lipsticks

Essence liquid lipstick swatches


These are personally not my favorite formula from Essence, but I still reach for them a lot so I decided to share the ones that I have. The packaging is not the sturdiest, it gets kind of loose and has a tendency to open if you have them in handbags and such. Personal experience 😉

I think these are more of a pigmented lipgloss than a liquid lipstick. I think a liquid lipstick should dry down at least a bit, these stay very glossy and doesn’t last that long. But I use them on days where I just quickly want to add a bit of color and gloss to my lips.


Essence Liquid lipstick swatches of Peach party, Colour Party and Beauty secret


The colors that I have are:

05 Peach Party

A beautiful vibrant peach color. Perfect for spring and summer since it’s such a happy and bright color.

01 Colour Party

A super light cool toned pink. I personally use this if I want to add a pink tint to a different colored lipstick because I think it’s a little too pale on its own.

02 Beauty Secret

My favorite out of the three! It’s definitely a “my lips but better” kind of shade. For me, it’s just a hint deeper. But a really natural rosy color and goes with most makeup looks.

Essence Liquid Lipstick Swatches, in the colours 05 Peach Party, 01 Colour Party and 02 Beauty Secret


So for the prize, I really enjoy these lipsticks. My top picks from these are 02 Beauty Secret and 05 Cool Nude. I’m constantly adding more products to my collection and I’m probably going to do some more swatches after a while. Leave a comment if there are any other lip products you would like me to swatch for you guys, Essence or any other brand 🙂


Essence Long Lasting Lipstick and Liquid lipstick swatches and review.


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