Top nail trends for A/W 2017

When going through my nail polish rack to see which one of my nail polishes I had been reaching for the most this fall, I had no intention of following any nail trends for this fall, I just simply picked my favorites. But then reading up on it before writing this post I noticed that you can achieve trendy fall nails with simple measures, and do so with nail polishes you probably already have at home.

Dark colors and glam goth

Orly – Rock Solid
When fall comes around I tend to go darker on everything: my clothes, my makeup and you guessed it, my nails. And so does the manicures we’ve seen in the fashion world.
On the runway brands like The Blonds chose to do manicures with dark colors and glam goth embellishments. This look you can easily create on your own. If you are like me and really enjoy dark nail polishes, but sometimes think that a plain black is just too boring, you can go with this nail polish which has a dark grey, almost black base, and is filled with different color glitters for that glam goth look.

Glitter clusters

Essence – 44 On Air!
As soon as I see the first leaves turn yellow I’m running to grab any kind of glitter nail polish, especially gold. I feel like it doesn’t really work during the summer, but oh how I love to wear them. Fall and winter just mean glitter to me (really I should wear glitter closer to Christmas, but you know your girl got no restraint). This trend can be seen on many catwalks. Nicholas K had manicures with gold in them, but maybe not so much the glitter part. Designers like Tadashi Shoji used a gold base, but then used different colors of glitters painted in clusters at the tips.

Dark neutrals

Essie – Power Clutch
Another nail trend which is as easy as ever to achieve is the darker neutrals trend. This could be seen in Jill Stuart´s Hendrixroe’s fall collection and in the 3.1 Phillip Lim show. I feel like one of my recent discoveries from Essie would work great for this trend. I also like that it’s not just a plain color, it’s kind of a mix. Is it a grey or is it a green?

Nail polish fall colors and their names



Rimmel – 378 Posh Trash
At the Michael Costello fashion show the nails were a light nude pink color with the ends painted in a rose gold or coppery hue, using a fan brush to give it a brushed streaky effect. You can easily do this yourself to create a trendy look. But to be honest you are trendy even if you paint your whole nail in any metallic polish really since they were really popular this season. I just find the rose gold to be a little more unusual.

Reds and tipped manicures

Kiko – 286
A dark red for fall – it had to happen. It’s a classic. Bright red is a big trend for this fall, seen in various fashion shows. I personally like dark reds better for fall, and lucky me – it’s also quite popular. Dark red is seen in fashion shows like Marc Jacob. A big trend is also tipped manicures, where the tips of the nails are painted in different dark colors including dark reds. This look you could see in fashion shows like Tanya Taylor and is also easy to recreate at home.


Recreate it yourself

Seeing the fashion shows I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the trends were so easy to recreate at home. I hope that you got inspired as well. I bet you have at least one nail polish that could fit into any of these trends yourself. If you are looking into getting a new one I made sure there were options to fit all budgets. Get nail painting! 😉

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