Trying Korean Makeup

I have been loving Korean skincare for a while now, and one day I realized that I have never tried any makeup from Korea. I decided that I wasn’t going to live my life in the unknown and ordered a whole face worth of products. You know, all in the name of research 😉

On my youtube channel, you can see me trying out all of these products for the first time and hear my initial thoughts. But I also wanted to give everyone who is interested a chance to know what I really felt about the products after I had used them for a while. I have also included swatches for anyone who find those helpful. The video for all who wants to see the video:

Trying Korean Makeup Products

Holika Holika Puri Pore No Sebum Primer Deep Pore

This primer is your typical silicon primer with a fresh light scent. It glides on the skin nicely but I had high hopes that it was going to fill in my pores and keep the shine at bay for the whole day. I can’t really say that it did. I feel like it did make the foundation go on quite nicely but it didn’t fill in my pores, and after a few hours my nose was oily. But I have a feeling it didn’t work together that well with the foundation since it is quite watery and the primer is mostly made from silicone. I think it’s an okay primer but I wouldn’t repurchase it.

Holika Holika Waterdrop Tinted Foundation (01. Pale)

This foundation was a pleasant surprise for me. It has a very runny consistency and a light to medium coverage. It feels very light on my skin, and that is my favorite part about it. Well, the packaging is also beautiful and very handy. But the longevity of this foundation is not where I need it to be. I feel like it doesn’t really sink into my skin and stay put. If you scratch your skin midday you can see how your foundation just comes off. For short days where you just want a light coverage, it works okay. I also feel like it would work better for people with normal to dry skin because it’s beautiful on my cheeks, but on my nose, it just slides right of.

A’pieu Cushion Tok Concealer

This seems to be sold out on the Jolse website because I can’t find it. But to me, that’s okay cause I would never recommend this one. The packaging is nothing I would ever use, the cushion is stiff and it doesn’t distribute the product like I would want it to. And the product itself is dry, and since you get soo little of it I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. There are better concealers out there.

Saemmul Perfect Pore Pact

The powder I used is a pore pact from The Saem. Not much to say about this one, to be honest. I like that it’s transparent and work for different skin tones. It does feel a little white though so I don’t know how it would work on deeper skin tones. It does feel nice and light on the skin and the puff it comes with makes it good for touch-ups during the day. I think that’s a plus because you do need touch ups during the day with this powder. Being that the name is Perfect Pore Pact I was expecting it to make my pores less visible and have a blurring effect on the skin. Unfortunately, it is just like a normal setting powder, my pores look like they would with any other powder.

Tony Moly Mini Strobing Cushion (02. Top Glow)

This cushion didn’t work like I hoped it would during my first use. If you saw the youtube video you will know what I’m talking about. But I feel like this gives your skin a beautiful natural glow. I feel like it would be best for people who are really going for that unpowdered strobing look. Normally I do apply liquids before powders. I have both stick and liquid concealers that work okay over powder but this one I feel like does not work great over powder. Applying it with your fingers works best, then blending the edges with a sponge. I wish it would be a little easier to work with because it’s natural and beautiful. I think I have to play around with this product a little bit more, and try it on top of other foundations.



Swatches Korean makeup


Etude House V-line Slim Maker (02. Sun Pink/Cherry Brown)

This is one of my favorite products from the bunch. It is a beautiful duo, and I love both the bronzer and the highlight. The highlighter is a beautiful color with a really popping shine. The only thing is that when you go out in the sun you can see how much glitter is in it. I’m more into a shiny highlight than a glittery one. But the bronzer I have nothing bad to say about. It’s a good mixture between a warm and a cool toned bronzer, and I like that it’s not too pigmented. I can be kind of careless. Totally recommend this one.

The Saem Saemmul Smile Bebe Blusher (04. Bling Peach)

If they would have had the name in English on the Jolse website I don’t think I would have picked this blush up. The bling gives it away that there might be glitter in this product. And there is. A LOT of it. I’m personally a very subtle blush kind of girl and this is not really that. But for anyone who likes glittery blush which gives a beautiful flush of color, this is for you! I can’t seem to find it anywhere. So I linked it to a place where I could actually find it.

Etude House Blend For 4 Eyes (03. Pink Up!)

I feel like this is a typical Asian style eyeshadow. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like it consists of mostly subtle washes of colors all over the lid whereas western makeup is all about making crazily pigmented eyeshadows. These are not that pigmented, but they are beautiful and I really like all the colors except the dark red color. That one is mostly glitter, and it’s not as smooth and buttery as the other colors. But I do like this little quad.

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow (07. Light brown)

A decent eyebrow pencil. The color is a little off for my brows, but I feel like the price is right and I love the spoolie brush on this pencil. I feel like it will last a good while too. Not the best, but definitely worth a try if you are looking for an affordable eyebrow pencil.

Missha Over Lengthening Mascara (02. Swan Lash)

This is a typical lengthening fiber mascara. It really lengthens your eyelashes but doesn’t do much in the volume department. I’m not the biggest fan of the mascara wand and the end of it. I also think the product is a little too clumpy for me. My lashes clumped up a bit, especially if you try to build layers with it. But if you want a natural look where your mascara lengthens your lashes, then try this one.

Skinfood Vita Color Delicious Oil Rouge (02. Apricot)

This is also one of my favorites from this haul. I feel like it glides on beautifully on the lips and feels nice and moisturizing. The color is also nice and glossy. It doesn’t last super long on the lips but it doesn’t claim to be long lasting either. I think it’s a nice everyday lipstick especially if you have dry lips.



So I did find a few products I really enjoyed and also a few that I necessarily wouldn’t repurchase. But it’s always fun to try new products. Please leave me any recommendations in the comments if you have a favorite product you think I should try out.


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