What to consider before getting your hair cut & my new haircut

I had been thinking about cutting my hair for a very long time. So when I turned 25 it felt like the perfect time for something new. My hair has basically been the same for about 17 to 18 years: Long, straight and without any clear haircut to it. So I wanted to go the total opposite of that. I wanted it short with a style to it, and with a chance of actually getting some volume which I never could get before. So this was my hair before. Very damaged ends and very heavy and flat.

Before picture of my haircut


So what I asked for when I went to the hairdresser was a long bob, or a Lob as it’s also called. I also asked her to cut it into an A-line cut. This means that the front of the hair is longer than the back, which is helpful when you want to keep the feel of length to your hair. I also asked for blunt cut ends. I just love the feel of your ends being thick and straight cut off. But because I have such thick hair I knew I needed to get some layers to it, otherwise the ends of my hair would be so thick I would look like a triangle. So that is what I asked for, and I was so delighted that the hairdresser knew exactly what I wanted.

I also did a Youtube video where I show you my whole hair styling routine. I share the products I use and how I style my new shorter haircut. If you are interested you can check out the video here:


After picture of my long bob haircut


My inspiration for my haircut

I have also collected a few photos from Pinterest that I used to show my hairdresser what I wanted. I always recommend bringing pictures of the hairstyle you want. It’s easier to show someone a picture than trying to explain in words. Pinterest is a great way to find inspiration pictures for hairstyles. I have a hair board with a bunch of different hairstyles for anyone is in need of inspiration. You can find my Pinterest here:

Inspiration for my haircut


What to think about before getting a haircut

There is a bunch of things to consider before cutting your own hair, things like: “Do my hair texture work with that hairstyle?” Wanting bangs but having super curly hair could be a problem for example. Also, how much hair you have can factor in. Really thin flat hair doesn’t always want to grow very long for example. The shape of your face is also important to consider when choosing a hairstyle. I was afraid my hair was going to look too round with my hairstyle, but because it doesn’t end right at my jawline it kind of works. Also, how much time you want to put on styling should factor in. If you are a busy mum, spending hours every day styling your hair maybe isn’t a priority.

But these are all things that don’t really matter in the end. If you want to cut your hair, you should. Try it out, go for it. It’s just hair after all, it grows back out. 🙂

What to consider before cutting your hair