Beautiful Winter – inspired wedding makeup

This is the second post in my brides series, where I include a makeup look inspired by the seasons and their gorgeous colors. I have already posted the Fall bride and will leave a link to it so you can check it out:

Dramatic red or ice cold

Winter brides are one of my favorites. You can go quite dramatic with the makeup and it still won’t look too overdone in winter. Be inspired by cool elements like snow and ice and do quite a cool toned makeup look. You can also be inspired by the red berries in the trees, or with their empty dark tree branches. I will include my inspiration board below, but I always recommend you get your own inspiration. Maybe your outlook on winter is a completely different one from mine.

Winter inspired makeup look

Skin preparations

Before any makeup is applied we have to discuss the most important: Skincare. Your skincare routine is a very important step in getting anything to look good in winter. Your skin needs to be hydrated and moisturized before you can master any makeup look. This applies all year round, but especially in the winter when the skin is often more sensitive, dry and red.

Winter wedding makeup

For my winter bride, I worked on getting her skin ready for the foundation with moisturizer and primer. I applied a full coverage foundation and a hydrating concealer under her eyes and set that into place. I contoured her face to give it more shape since you might look a little flat in pictures with a full coverage foundation. For blush, I went for a natural rosy color not to take too much attention away from the eyes. The highlighter was also quite soft and glowing rather than glittery.

Winter inspired wedding makeup look


The eyes were all about neutral eyelids, with of course some drama in the crease and at the lashline. The star of the show was the lashes. I applied waterproof mascara, of course. We can’t have brides crying black mascara down their cheeks now, can we? I also applied a set of falsies to give the eyes some more drama.

And then for the absolute star of the show: The dark red lipstick. I lined her lips with a lip liner to ensure it would last for a long time. Then I went in and mixed two liquid lipstick to get that beautiful dark red matte lip.

Winter inspired wedding makeup look red lips

Winter inspired wedding makeup and hairstyle


Winter wedding hair

For her hair, I just wanted some beautiful loose Hollywood inspired curls. This was achieved by curling her hair and letting it cool whilst pinned to her head. I then gently brushed the curls out and applied hairspray to ensure they would last all day. I finished by placing a beautiful hair accessory on the side of her head.

Hopefully you got some inspiration from this and that this blog post was helpful in some way. Best of luck to all of you winter brides out there. 🙂

Beautiful winter wedding makeup


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  1. Gorgeous! As a middle-aged woman, I agree that skin care is of utmost importance. Take care of your skin when you’re young, and you’ll thank yourself in the later years.

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